As of December 31. 2022

LOCAL GOVERNMENT SUPPORT FUND – FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE (LGSF-FA) to Local Government Units (LGUs) are given to support priority programs and projects as listed in a given Menu.

Certain procedures were followed in requesting the projects together with the documentary requirements as prescribed. Said requests as submitted by LGUs to the Central Office through OSEC-TRU were evaluated  and recommended action are thrown back to LGUs for compliance and revision if any.

When approved, funds are then downloaded and LGUs are accordingly notified thru NADAI issued by the Bureau of Treasury.

For the past years, we were among the few LGUs receiving  this LGSF-FA funds.  Certain conditions were set for compliance on each approved project within the prescribed time frame subject to RA 9184, the Procurement Law.  Upon completion of the project, any unspent balance of the fund shall be returned immediately to the Bureau of Treasury.

Monitoring are done through the quarterly submission of reports  thru posting in at least three (3) conspicuous places in locality consistent with the Full Disclosure Policy of the DILG,  and posting of this report at LGU website and sending written notices respectively    to the Secretary of DBM, Secretary of DILG, Speaker of the House of Representatives, President of the Senate of the Philippines, and the Chairpersons of the House Committee on Appropriations and Senate Committee on Finance upon posting of reports at LGU’s website.

Updated report as of December 31, 2022 is shown below:

Fund received                              Amount             Project Cost        Liquidation to BTr                     

  1. LGSF SALINTUBIG 2020                 P11,067,328.00   11,062,805.29     4,522.71- 3/23/2022
  2. LGSF AM-2020                              7,284,000.00          7,282,172.30      1,827.70- 3/23/2022
  3. LGSF-FA GAA2020                        10,000,000.00         9,995,970.25      4,029.75- Due to BTr
  4. LGSF-FA2021-Batch                     186 5,000,000.00     4,997,000.00       3,000.00-Duet o BTr

Amounts due to Bureau of Treasury shall be returned within January 2023 for liquidation.

The above projects were accordingly completed within the prescribed period, monitoring been done and liquidation facilitated.

List of projects completed with the above funds  are the following:

              Project                      Barangay                            Project Cost             Completed


  • Watersystem Rehab         Calingayan,                           P1,675,997.05            September 2021
  • Watersystem Expansion   Anonang-Locuban                6,574,207.26            October 2021

1.3 Watersystem Level II       Tickwas                                  2,811,296.17            May 2021

  • FMRAccess Road              Camanga-Bantaao                 7,282,172.30            March 2022

3.0 FMR Construction                Mecolong-Baga                        9,995,970.25            December 2022

4.0 Solar Street Lights                Camanga-Camalig-Motosawa  4,997,000.00            April 6, 2022


Turning-over of these projects were done and accordingly the maintenance and operating expenses hereof in the future shall be borne  respectively by  the Barangay without prejudice of further assistance from the Municipality if need arises.