BEAT Dumalinao Battle of the Bands 2023!

Heads up Rakistas! The Local Government Unit of Dumalinao will be holding its first-ever Battle of the Bands on June 15, 2023. We will be accepting 10 bands on a first come first serve basis.
1st Place – Php 20,000.00
2nd Place – Php 10,000.00
3rd Place – Php 5,000.00
Best Song Composition – Php 5,000.00
Consolation Prize – Php 2,000.00
a. Each group shall have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 members.
b. The members of the group may be composed of all males or females, or any combination of both.
c. The use of pyrotechnic gadgets, smoke or combustible materials as props are not allowed.
d. Medley arrangement of songs is not allowed.
e. Each band will be given 5 minutes to prepare their instruments and equipment.
f. Each band will perform 3 POP ROCK choice of music with a time limit of 4 minutes each song. Beyond this limit, a total of five (5) points will be deducted from the groupโ€™s total score.
g. In addition, each band must also perform one original song composition which will serve as a promotional material for the municipality. The song concept must be in accordance to the municipalitiesโ€™ slogan โ€œGo DREAM Dumalinaoโ€ and must be in upbeat rhythm.
h. LGU Dumalinao deems co-ownership of the winning original song with the band.
i. The original song composition winner will be given an additional fund of P10,000.00 for the recording of the song.
j. Participating bands are encouraged to research and explore Dumalinaoโ€™s people and culture to have a better thematic composition.
k. Drum set and sound system will be provided by the LGU during the event. Participating bands should bring their own guitars and other musical instruments.
l. Participants are requested to be at the venue at least one hour before the official start of the event. The organizers reserve the right not to allow participants who will come late during the actual event.
For inquiries, please contact Mr. Vee Arr Cruz or Miss Amore Morante Compra.