The Municipality of Dumalinao, Zamboanga del Sur continuously is responsive of the COVID 19 Pandemic.

We are one of the recipient of the Bayanihan Grant to Cities and Municipalities.  We received the amount of P9,812,983.00 which we spent expeditiously on the following mandatory expenditures as clearly defined in Local Budget Circular 125, as follows:

  • Budget for the Purchase of PPEs, Medicines/Medical Supplies,Testing Kits,Hygiene kits and Disinfectants-P2,279,826.50 ; Incurred expenses –P2,250,483.00
  • Purchase of Food and Relief goods Assistance Budget- P6,720,356.00, incurred P6,720,356.00
  • Establishment of Isolation Facility with complete accessories and supplies Budget-P812,800.50; incurred P798,059.50

To date, total obligated amount is P9,768,898.50 equivalent to 99.55% of the Bayanihan Grant, while actual disbursement amounting to P9,735,435.17 is equals to 99.66% of the obligated amount.  The cash balance of P77,547.83 comprises the unclaimed warranties of suppliers,  and the difference of appropriations against the contract costs of transactions amounting to P44,084.50 only which represents the unobligated balance of the Bayanihan Grant.   This amount is due to be returned to the Bureau of Treasury anytime soon.

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The Isolation Area known as the COVID LIGTAS CENTER, established and located at the Dumalinao Regional Pilot School will continue hosting LFIs, ROFs  and now local APOR for isolation until when?  is a big question as all 32 PNP personnel succumb to isolation after a colleague had a close contact with one infected person while on official travel at Zamboanga City last September 13, 2020 despite of the deadline on September 30, 2020 as set by  DepEd.

These APORs are not all residence of Dumalinao, thus the positive personnel residing outside Dumalinao are counted at their respective home base. However, as they were believed to be contaminated one way or another, the LGU decided to hold them at the isolation areas, wherein those who have undergone a swab test were confined at the COVID LIGTAS CENTER at Dumalinao Regional  Pilot School while those asymptomatic and negative results in the Rapid Tests conducted are to stay at the Municipal Gymnasium  as the supposed relocation area.

To date, there were now 4 positive patients in Dumalinao.  The isolation facilities hosted 12 persons simultaneously, while  awaiting for the results of either swab tests or Rapid tests.

In early October, update for the PNP personnel yield more two positive patients, but these are non-residence of Dumalinao, thus the counting belongs to Pagadian city, their respective home base.

The Municipal Gymnasium adjacent to the Municipal Building as the new Isolation facility is hosting the 20 PNP personnel who are soon to graduate after a 14 days plus 7 days isolation period.

Aside from the the Bayanihan Grant, we also incurred expenditures relative to the COVID Response from our resources for the period covering March 17, 2020 to September 30, 2020, to wit:

  • Purchase of PPEs, Medicines/Medical Supplies,Testing Kits,Hygiene kits and Disinfectants-P962,113.75
  • Purchase of Food and Relief goods Assistance- P7,503,890.00
  • Establishment of Isolation Facility with complete accessories and supplies-P249,605.00
  • Mobilization (Fuel & lubricants) P292,952.50; Food of frontliners and volunteers-P1,074,680.00

As of September 30, 2020 our COVID LIGTAS CENTER  has catered 52 admission,   Out of this 52, 3 were positive of  CORONAVIRUS.   From the onset of this Pandemic we recorded 4 infected persons including the 10 year old boy in April 2020, Three (3)  recovered from the disease.  Some of these 52 admittees at the facility were asymptomatic while others came out positive, but not necessarily counted to be COVID positive of Dumalinao, ZDS as they are residents of Pagadian City.

As of this writing,both  the COVID LIGTAS CENTER continuously hosted any ROFs, APORs  and LSIs who needed the facility to be quarantined.  All health protocols for the admission is strictly observed. Some are at the Municipal Gymnasium.

We even had requested from the IATF for a moratorium in accepting LSIs coming to Dumalinao, Zamboanga del Sur.

We sincerely implore everyone to adhere to all the health protocols issued for the purpose and prayerfully ensure the safety of all its contituents.