“Life is great when you know earth is safe”

Municipality of Dumalinao conducted an Information Education Campaign on Proper Waste Segregation at Immaculate Heart Academy, at Barangay Pag-asa, Dumalinao, Zambooanga del Sur. This teaches the students on how to dispose their garbage properly and educate them the right place to throw their garbage.


This is the number one aim of Mayor Junaflor Cerilles to make the Municipality of Dumalinao clean and green. This is the reason why she made the “NO Plastic Policy” in the whole municipality. Just as the saying goes “GO DREAM DUMALINAO,” she wants the people to be disciplined in terms of throwing their garbage in the proper place, to not waste our open space, to help prevent illegal dumping. Little good deeds solve extravagant things. 


By just simply throwing your garbage in the proper place it contributes a lot to save our planet earth. The earth’s future still lies in our hands. Hence we are responsible of our own actions.