WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, to give every woman opportunity to develop their skills in order for our women to be a strong partner in gaining increase in family income;

EDUCATION, to continue our funding support to activities related to the promotion of free and quality education for all thru the Special Educations Fund;

SPORTS & YOUTH DEVELOPMENT, to institutionalize sound program for youth development through the scouting movement and support to the sports academy in order to maximize the potential talents of our young people;

AGRICULTURE & LIVELIHOOD, to organize and strengthen the capability of local farmers to ensure increase in Agricultural production thereby giving them a decent way of life and well-being;

TECHNOLOGY, to give our constituents easy access to modern technologies and be able to apply the same to the advancement of their living;

INFRASTRUCTURE, to continue to program funds for infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, dams, day care centers, health centers, and other necessary public constructions and improvements;

HEALTH, to ensure effective and efficient delivery of basic health services to our people by extending services down to the barangay level thereby giving the people easy access to medical support and supplies;

PROGRAM FOR THE ELDERLY, to continue to support programs for our senior citizens thru appropriation of funds in order to  augment the funds from the national government to ensure that services and other benefits due them are served;

PEACE & ORDER, to continue to support the PNP, AFP and other law enforcement agencies for the maintenance of peaceful and orderly community thru the conduct of education campaign on anti-drugs, gambling and other crimes to the locals, initiate law enforcement operations inland and within the municipal waters, increase police visibility, and those other programs as may be deemed important for the benefit of our people and the municipality.


Thru the continued partnership and support of our National Government Agencies, Non-Government Organizations, Business Sector plus the active participation of our beloved constituents, we are very positive for a more progressive Dumalinao