Dumalinao is  endowed with abundant fishery resources from capture fisheries and fishpond development. Because it faces the rich waters of Illana Bay and has wide areas of developed fishponds,it has a great advantage in terms of fisheries production.  Based on the initial fish visual census conducted inside the MPA in Bibilik during the PCRA, 172 species of reef fishes were recorded together with giants clams, shellfish, sea cucumbers and lobsters were identified in 26 families at Bibilik, Dumalinao.

Average biomass, on the other hand, was higher inside (23.56 mt/km²). This indicates that larger fish are found inside sanctuary, with size reaching up to 30cm in total length. Further, a significant increase in fish biomass has been recorded since 2005. The target  fish contributed at least 62% of the total fish biomass, dominated by the lutjanids inside the sanctuary and the caesionids outside the sanctuary.