When the creation of the Municipality of Dumalinao was finally signed into law on June 16, 1956, MARTIN D. RALUTO was then appointed as Mayor of the new Municipality, GUILLERMO TALAID as Vice Mayor and VICENTE LABRADO, SEVERINO RAMOS, FULGENCIO LAUG-LAUG AND ENIEGO GEMINA as councilors. Mayor Raluto held the reigns of the Local Government Unit until  his death on June 11, 1969 and by operation of law, EDMUNDO V. DALID who was incumbent Vice Mayor of  that time assumed as Mayor.


Mayor Raluto formally organized the Local Government Unit on August 1956. GREGORIO E. DESCALLAR was appointed as Municipal Treasurer, GALAO D. TALPIS as Municipal Secretary, JOSE VILLAFLOR as the Chief of Police and SOLOMON M. TALPIS as Market Collector. The Municipality was inaugurated on September 16, 1956.

Mayor Eutiquio S. Famor was designated as OIC of the Municipality in 1986 and was officially elected as Municipal Mayor in 1987. He held office for three terms until 1998. After which Hon. Jose A. Encabo was elected Mayor. In 2001, Mayor Famor was again eligible for office was re-elected in the May 2004 election for another term. During the May 2007 election, Mayor Ace William E. Cerilles and his slate won over the incumbent administration headed by Mayor Eutiquio S. Famor (2001-04 and 2004-07). Mayor Cerilles, who earned the distinction of being the youngest elected Mayor in the Zamboanga Peninsula Region (Region IX), committed to pursue the development of the municipality under the “Bangon Dumalinao” Action Agenda. Again, on May 2010 National and local elections, Mayor Ace William E. Cerilles and his lineup won over the opposition candidates. They committed to pursue the development of the Marine Protected Areas.