Figure-4 Estimated monthly gross income of fishermen.

Multiple handline or bundak or in the local name Bira-bira per estimated average gross monthly income got a total of P 12,218.00. This is the second largest monthly income of fishermen in the coastal barangays as next to simple gillnet. Fishermen who use to catch fish using simple gillnet gear type got a gross  income of P 31,500.00 per month.This manifested that using this type of gear got highest income.


Squig jig is also applicable gear type or pangnokos  in the local name with a monthly estimated gross  income of P 5,390.00.

Usually fishermen in the coastal areas for convenient and easy catching of fish they were  using single handline or  pasol with an estimated gross income of P 5,206.67. Followed by the rest gears such as Night Gleaning, Fish coral, Multiple gears and spear.