Mangroves locally known as “ Katunggan, Kawakatan, Kabakhawan, Bakawan etc” are a Diverse group of tropical shrubs and trees growing along the inter tidal zone, rivers estuarine. These trees can form dense forests along coastlines and rivers and act as effective traps of sediment, nutrients. They control fresh water surface flow, floods and stabilized coastal areas and river banks and protect fishpond dikes (Cite reference).


Mangrove ecosystem also serves as breeding, spawning, nursery, feeding ground to many fishes and crustaceans, and shellfish. It is also the home of many migratory birds, wild animals and source of livelihood for coastal dwellers. However mangrove forest is under continuous threat from the expansion of areas used for fishponds, human settlement, industries, and coastal reclamation. Mangroves also sustain massive harvesting for housing materials, firewood, charcoal, stakes for fish corrals, fish pens and many others.

All mangrove areas in the municipality are declared as protected areas. A total ban shall be imposed in harvesting and cutting of mangroves and the conversion of mangrove areas into fishpond and human settlements.

Harvesting or collection of mangrove seedlings shall be prohibited, except when specifically used to replant deforested mangrove areas.

Coastal communities shall be mobilized, together with POs, NGOs, socio civic and church organizations, and school children to participate in the preservation and rehabilitation and proper management of mangrove reserves.