1. A community-based management body shall be created for each marine protected area, preferably by the barangay government where it is located with the full participation of the accredited fishers organization in the area.
  2. As much as possible and where applicable, all marine protected areas shall be zoned into restricted use area, buffer area, and core area, which shall be provided in the MPA Management Plan.
  3. In the restricted use area and where applicable, limited human activities maybe allowed like strolling, guided tour, swimming, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, bottom- glass boat ride, and similar activities that do not create disturbing impact to the habitat. The area may include mangrove and marine parks.
  4. No human activity shall be allowed in the buffer area except in the extreme necessity of passage of small fishing crafts, particularly during inclement weather.
  5. The core area is a “no take” zone, and no human activity shall be allowed inside, except those activities pursued in consonance with research and management objectives, like resource assessment, monitoring and evaluation.
  6. Only hook and line fishing may be allowed outside the borderline of the buffer area of a marine sanctuary.
  7. The discharge of effluents from agriculture, animal farms, fishponds and shrimp hatcheries shall be prohibited in marine protected areas.
  8. An entrance fee shall be collected in marine parks and similar establishments. The      imposition of the fee, however, excludes surveys and assessments for scientific and resource management purposes.